Friday, January 20, 2006


:. Interesting to know: Treatment of Psoriasis with Panchkarma

Since about 40 years I suffer on Psoriasis, sometimes less – sometimes more. Through my sister in Germany, I got the information that Ayurveda could cure Psoriasis and she managed to get in touch with Dr. Prerak Shah in Ahmedabad / India. I finally went to Ahmedabad in the second half of January 2005 for a 2-week Ayurveda- treatment under guidance and supervision of Dr. Prerak Shah. I was picked up and warmly welcomed by him and his wife at Ahmedabad Airport. I appreciated very much the close family relation and always I felt treated as a good friend of the family.

The pre-treatment: taking different tablets and gee, the oil massage and steam bath improved the skin condition already with good results. The main treatment: Virechan - Panchakarma was chosen to clean the body from toxins. I was always well informed about the treatment and it was carefully supervised so that there were never negative surprises. Cleansing of the body was the last step of treatment, but a post treatment, specifically designed by Dr. Shah for the next 3 month, is still necessary.

During the 2-week-treatment the skin improved a lot and the ongoing post-treatment (diet, taking tablets and applying Ayurveda oil) slowly have positive effects on some parts of the body where still Psoriasis is visible, but much less inflamed as at the beginning of the treatment. There is still hope that these spots after some time may also disappear.

I like to thank for the good treatment, the outstanding warm, friendly and helpful hospitality to Dr. Prerak Shah, his family and staff and recommend anybody to try Ayurveda treatment in its country of origin. You will win a new friend there. Hans Peter Neuhaus, Chiangmai – Thailand


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