Friday, January 20, 2006

My Jyotish

You are Taurus rising with Jupiter in the 10th house so Ayurveda and Vedic
Knowledge is very good for you to study. Ayurveda especially good.

Once you have cured yourself (within next months) you will be a good

Having Guru (Jupiter) in the 10th being lord of 8th and also of 11th means
good for business working with Vedas (Jupiter is karaka of vedas) and also
anything of a healing/spiritual nature. If you do more material things then
you might meet obstacles but if you work with spiritual-healing-noble
projects, will flow.

You will be wealthy, it will take time and grow slowly.

We can of course speed it up, this is called yagya, tantra and upaya.

I suggest you contact Howard Beckman and get sapphire and emerald and a general
gem reading from him.


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