Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Curd 2

Curd is not good for you in present state, especially at night. Curd is
heating, sour and slightly heavy. It blocks the srotas (micro-circulatory
channels). Your present condition (Pitta in Rakta or blood) will be
agravated by curd.

Ayurveda speaks of many kinds of curd, curd of cow, buffaloe, elephant, goat
etc. Goat's curd might be fine for you if available.

Curd should be freshly made (home made) and still taste sweet. Then it's an
excelent medicine.

Theres a village in Russia where the people eat mostly curd and they all
live to 100 years +.

Curd is very auspicious and a very sacred food (cows curd that is).

It is best taken in winter (cold season) and should be avoided in summer. In
other seasons take it as lassie/buttermilk.

Curd is best taken with spices and ghee.


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